Auto Accidents and Workplace Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Motor Vehicle Accident rehabilitation is a specialized type of rehabilitation with the goal of returning you to the physical state that you were in the minute before your car accident occurred. MVA rehabilitation often requires the collaboration of several healthcare providers and may involve combined treatments including chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, rehab therapy exercises, pain management and counselling.

MVA Rehabilitation is a Standard Accident Benefit under all Auto Insurance plans and paid for 100% by Insurance policies as part of your Accident Benefits Claim with your Auto Insurer without affecting your insurance premiums.

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Workplace Injuries (WSIB)

Workplace injuries require rehabilitation programs designed to assist individuals in achieving a safe and sustainable return to work. Each program is an individualized program involving specialized functional assessments, pain management, injury-specific strengthening, patient education, functional and work-simulated activities. The program is progressed gradually with a focus on improving overall functional ability to prepare individuals for returning to work and leisure activities.

If your injury is work related ensure that your workplace has reported the claim to WSIB or the claim will not be validated.

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