Structure governs function. 

That is one of the main philosophies that manual osteopathic practitioners will utilize when meeting you for the first time for your aches and pains.
Your overall well being can be greatly influenced by the harmonious relationship between your muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, connective tissue and organs. 

All systems of the body are connected to one another, therefore a change in one area can affect the function of another system, which could eventually lead to dysfunction measured by pain, if the source of the problem is not addressed early on.

Manual Osteopathy helps restore the normal function of the body by treating the causes of pain that may be the result of illness, injury, or daily living activities.

Manual osteopathic treatments incorporate several techniques that can help relieve chronic pain including joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy technique and scar tissue management.
In all cases, rehabilitation and postural exercises, combined with self-care advice provided to you, can help propel your healing further beyond the treatment room.

Before undertaking any examinations and assessments, your manual osteopathic practitioner will take into account your medical history, lifestyle and personal circumstances, implementing a biopsychosocial approach to ensure that you will be receiving a safe and thorough treatment.

Low back pain or stiffness; General chronic pain; Occupational strains and repetitive injuries; Sports and athletic injuries; Muscle spasms; Nerve impingement syndromes; Generalized aches and pains; Headaches and migraines; Hip and knee pain; Jaw pain, TMJ dysfunctions; Women’s pelvic health; Back ache and some pregnancy pains; Elbow, wrist & hand pain; Leg, thigh & groin pain; Ankle & foot pain; Arthritis; Digestion problems; Neck aches, pain, whiplash

No medical referral is required to see a manual osteopathic practitioner, but it is always advised that you should consult your medical doctor before trying a new treatment option. 

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