Workplace Injuries

Chiropractors are experts in workplace injuries, and can provide you with the care and support you need to return to your job as soon as possible. In fact, a study commissioned by the WSIB compared the outcomes of injured workers who were seen by either a Chiropractic Doctor or a physical therapist. The results were significant. On average, Chiropractors were able to begin treatment of the injury within 3 days, versus almost 2 weeks for physical therapy. After 12 weeks of care, there were twice as many patients still requiring physical therapy, compared to Chiropractic. Chiropractic patients had much less pain when finished, far better clinical outcomes, and better communication with their employer than those going to physical therapy. Chiropractic patients, on average, missed only 9 days from work, versus 20 days in the other group, and a much higher percentage of them were fully returned to their previous state of health. The choice is clear. Make sure that you seek prompt care from your Chiropractic Doctor as soon as a workplace injury occurs because when we do our job…you can do yours.

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