Orthotic Products

All of our custom orthotics are made by The Orthotic Group, leaders in the orthotic healthcare industry for over 20 years. The Orthotic Group sets the standard in the orthotic industry and is the preferred choice for discerning Chiropractors and Physicians throughout the world.

Choosing a custom orthotic manufacture, versus manufacturing orthotics onsite, ensures you receive a product produced by highly skilled laboratory technicians whose only focus is on fabricating superior prescription orthotics. This ensures that the orthotics are built to meet the individual biomechanical and lifestyle needs of each patient.


An orthotic for patients who require one pair of orthotics to wear in the majority of their shoes. Our Superflex orthotics can be worn in most shoes with the exception of slip on dress shoes.

Best Suited For: Patients who require a pair of orthotics that are versatile enough for casual shoes or sport shoes.


An orthotic for women who require support in their narrow high heel pump shoes or in their dance shoes.

Best Suited For: Women wearing high heel shoes or pumps.


Specially engineered for your patients who are on their feet all day and need protection in a rugged environment that require the ultimate in comfort, shock absorption, stability, support and durability.

Best Suited For: A patient that will be wearing safety shoes and boots and needs the ultimate in shock absorption and comfort.


A generic sport orthotic for athletes and other active patients who require increased biomechanical control while on their feet. This orthotic is designed to prevent sport or workplace related injuries by protection against pressure and impact shock.

Best Suited For: Patients involved in moderate impact activities at play or work who require support in their athletic shoes or work boots.


The Runflex orthotic is specially engineered for the high performance runner/court player. The unique design of this orthotic allows for increased shock absorption and greater directional control for athletes on the run.

Best Suited For: Athletes who require superior shock absorption during running activities.


Designed to prevent sport related injuries by protecting against pressure and impact shock.

Best Suited For: Soccer players that require moderate to maximum biomechanical control.

EagleFlex Golf Orthotic

The EagleFlex is a preferred orthotic for golfers who require biomechanical balance during their golf swing, as well as comfort and support while walking the golf course.

Best Suited For: Golfers who require support in their shoes while on the course.


Designed to take pressure off the Achilles Tendon, promote greater ankle dorsiflexion and increase shock absorption.

Best Suited For: Specially engineered for the high performance court player.

DiabeticFlex Medical Orthotic

A specialty accommodative orthotic designed for diabetic patients. The Diabeticflex has been specifically created to relieve high pressure areas and prevent the formation of ulcers on the diabetic foot.

Best Suited For: Diabetic patients with sensitive feet who require an accommodative device.

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